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"I want people to know that I struggled with weight. I want them to know that I had a plethora of size ranges in my closet. I will meet you at your fitness level"

Food For Thought

Are You Fueling Your Body Properly?

Food and water are the single most important elements to your quality of life! If you are working out, you need the proper fuel. At GoodFIT, we want to teach you how to eat to fuel your day and how to grocery shop so that you are satisfied instead of nutrient deprived. We want you to learn how to avoid the pitfalls that may be keeping you tired, hungry, and constantly craving the foods that work against your goals.

While we are not dietitians and make no claim to be, we did struggle with our weight until we discovered how to change our approach to food. We still enjoy the foods we love. We have just learned how and when to eat them. Foods like pancakes, chips, brownies, and cookies can all be a part of your diet IF (and a big IF) you know how to eat them responsibly.

Did you know that most of your fitness comes from what you put into your body? If you can control how and what you eat (and you can), you can control what your body looks and feels like. Ultimately, you can take control of your life! Discover what many professional athletes, trainers, and fitness experts know, how to use food to your benefit and get the healthy body you want!

What to consider before purchasing your meal guide:

  • This guide is not for everyone.
  • This guide is designed for someone who is engaged in an active fitness regimen.
  • You will be eating the same types of whole foods daily, i.e, lean meats, vegetables, and fruit.
  • These are all simple whole foods you can find at any local grocery.
  • You will be given a brief time to enjoy the foods you like.
  • If you have any medically diagnosed condition, this guide should be cleared by your doctor before you begin.
  • You may want to prepare your meals in advance.
  • You can be given personalized advice, meal adjustments and tips for your first 60 days.

Your meal guide can be purchased by clicking the "Meal Guide" link below. Once you have completed our registration page and purchased the Meal Guide, we will email your guide and call you to schedule your first body composition check. Note: You must be in the Louisville, KY area to receive the body composition check.

If you agree to everything above, well then, success is coming your way!

*Before selecting your package, please visit our registration page to enter your demographic information. In the "Tell Us Your Goals?" section, please mention that you are purchasing the meal guide. After your PayPal purchase has been confirmed, we will contact you by email and phone for your personal orientation and welcome call.

Meal Guide     
$29 one-time price
(includes meal guide, bi-weekly body composition checks, and adjustments as needed for 60 days)

That's the cost of one dinner for two at your favorite restaurant!

Not familiar with PayPal and how it works? It's easy, click here for more information.

Take charge of your body! Take charge of your life!